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Blue Goba Mushroom, is a premium derivative of Penis Envy psilocybe cubensis. The strain is an enhanced version of Penis Envy, with its spores selectively isolated by Canadian mushroom growers. The name is more symbolic and it is not more blue than other psilocybin mushrooms. The color blue, referred to as bruising, is due to the oxidation of psilocybin content in the mushroom matrix. The shape of Blue Goba mushrooms is phallic.


The experience of Blue Goba Mushrooms is quite smooth and elevating. BlueGoba mushrooms are counted as more potent and the inner experience is quite immersive and strong.

Psychedelics Harm Reduction Recommendations

We strongly recommend you to carefully read SHAFAA’s Knowledge page, Dosage Guidelines, or other valid references not to get overdosed and hence, a bad trip and experience.

We offer them in 3.5, 7, 14, and 28 grams. Our dried shrooms products are delivered in sealed premium packages, securing your mushrooms against degradation (light and oxygen).


1Ounce, 1/4Pound, 1/2Pound, 1Pound


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